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freshy water

Freshy Water
 is of high quality, affordable and environmentally friendly. Our plastic bottles are PETCO approved, meaning PET contains no BPA (bis-phenol A), it is 100% FREE from harmful chemicals, hormones, dioxins and leaching agents, it is 100% Recyclable and 100% Safe to refill and re-use. Bottles are cleaned and sanitised each time they are filled.

Our water filling plants and personnel are extremely hygienic to ensure that our water is delivered to our customer from a clean and quality checked environment. Freshy Water is purer than a mountain stream and is multiple-filtrated to remove all contaminants.This premium water goes through quality checks to ensure that you get the best drinking water available.

Our promise to deliver good quality water accompanied with fast, effective and professional service to all our clients whilst providing products of the highest quality at a cost effective price.




-------------------------------------------------------- OUR PRODUCTS --------------------------------------------------------


01 Premium bottled water in different sizes and shapes: 330ml, 500ml, 1 litre, and 5 litres. We also supply sachets as per request.

02 Branded bottled water to your need. We can brand the bottle to your theme or company or message.

03 Ice Cubes from Freshy Water

04 Office dispenser refills

05 Sparkling water

06 On-shop refills


-------------------------------------------------------- BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY -------------------------------------------------------- 



Freshy Water
 specializes in designing, manufacturing and installing complete water bottling systems. Our range of reverse osmosis units can produce from 140 litres per hour to 5 000 litres per hour – Please request a quote to see our Reverse Osmosis product page and more details. 

1. Our larger systems include a fully automated PLC controlled reverse osmosis purification unit, a carbonation system for sparkling water with dispenser taps, ozone generators for sanitizing the stored water and bottle filling lines, circulation pumps, variable frequency driven filling line pumps, various pre- and post-treatment systems depending on the input/raw water quality, water parameter monitoring instruments for pH, and TDS levels, and water storage tanks for input and product water.

2. We will assist you with your business venture from the start – we will tell you how and where to get your input water chemically analyzed, we will design a system specifically for your input water quality (for example, high iron levels, high TDS levels, etc), we will install the system for you and give you full on-site training regarding the use and maintenance of your equipment, and we will provide excellent after-sales phone support for any problems, offer technical advice, provide spares, etc.

Call us today with your project’s requirements.